About us

Green Wedding in Italy is a project of Green Empathy ,  an agency that combines the Organization and Consulting of Sustainable Events and Weddings to the Organization and Consulting of Sustainable Travel and Tourism.
At Green Empathy, we are able to take care of your Destination Wedding in Italy , in Rome and its surroundings but also elsewhere in Italy, at 360 degrees. In fact, through our Green Holiday in Italy project we can plan your entire stay and suggest sustainable itineraries and experiences for you, family and friends, as well as your Honey Moon in Italy. Last but not least, through Green Empathy Travel, we are even able to reserve your Incoming Journey/flight to Italy and to plan your Itinerant Honeymoon anywhere in the world.

All this thanks to the Love Story Store formula and to the support of the AllTrade Business, with professionals in the wedding, tourism, and travel businesses for more than 20 years and with a network of more than 100 travel, tourism and event agencies in Italy. Green Empathy, a single stop for your Destination Wedding and for an experience of a lifetime!!!  read more

Why Green Weddings

Weddings are usually the events that have the highest environmental impact compared to all other types of events.
As ‘Green Weddings and Events Planners’ we are careful to identify suppliers who, in various ways and according to different criteria, can offer more sustainable products and services. In addition, we are attentive to the development of new proposals in a broader perspective of Circular Economy: an economy that has “the objective of maintaining the value of products, materials and resources, as long as possible,  reducing the production of waste to a minimum … but not only!!!!

Your green wedding

While at Green Wedding in Italy and Green Empathy we already operate according to a 'philosophy' of environmental and social sustainability without this affecting you in any way in terms of additional costs, you will be the one to choose if you want one or more green elements in your wedding: ecological invitations, sustainable wedding favours, ecological wedding dress and attire, ethical wedding rings and jewels, organic or zero-mile food and drinks, sustainable make-up and hairdressing, locations that apply social and environmental sustainability criteria, wedding designs with recycled or ecological materials, more ecological means of transport, local flowers, silent fireworks, unamplified music...

Responsible Video Making

Through our partners who specialize in highlighting socially and environmentally reponsible issues even at weddings, you will have a unique video in its content and in the way in which it will be shot. In addition, we use only certified drones and pilots.

Responsible Honeymoons

Through Green Empathy Travel, Green Empathy's outgoing travel project, we are able to offer you the most sustainable locations and itineraries for your dream honeymoon.

Carbon offsetting

Through our 'green partners', if you wish, you can compensate for the CO2 emitted by your flights, your honeymoon or by the event in general, for example by supporting a reforestation project.

Your Sustainable Wedding

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