About us

Green Wedding in Italy is a project of Green Empathy, by Valentina Biagini, an agency specializing in Consulting and Organization of Sustainable Events and  Weddings that is located in Castel Gandolfo, near Rome. Thanks to the AllTrade Business’s Love Story Store (Wedding & Travel) formula, through Green Empathy Travel (Green Empathy’s online travel agency affiliated to the AllTrade Business network), we are also able to organize your dream honeymoon (trying to propose the most sustainable destinations and solutions). Last but not least, if you have relatives or friends coming from outside or if you have chosen Castel Gandolfo, the Castelli Romani, Rome and its surroundings or another place in Italy as your Wedding Destination, through Green Holiday in Italy (our online tour operator) we are able to organize tourist proposals, as sustainable as possible, in the area of interest.

Valentina Biagini

 have been a Social and Environmental Responsibility consultant for more than 20 years and for several years I have been organizing Sustainable Events for private companies but also for international organizations. I have a degree in International Affairs with a focus on Business Administration and a 2-year Master’s degree in International Relations with a focus on human rights, sustainable development and social responsibility.

I lived in the United States for 7 years and 3 in England for study and work. In my opinion the concept of ‘Green’, ‘Sustainable’ or ‘Ecological’ is NOT an absolute one and it may mean more things depending on the person, culture and situation in which you find yourself. What can be green for us may not be green for another person and vice versa.

Being green or doing something green should not be difficult to achieve, nor should it inculcate a sense of guilt or inadequacy towards those who think they are not doing anything that is ‘green’… maybe many times we do several things that can be considered ‘sustainable’ or ‘responsible’ but either we don’t think about it or we don’t highlight it nor  communicate it. A Green Wedding or Green Event is a way to communicate and share your sensibility and care with relatives and friends. 

You will be the one to decide how deep you wish to go into organizing your green event.

Even a small gesture counts!

How far do you want to get into the Green (R)Evolution? :):):)

Green Empathy is a Love Story Store affiliate of AllTrade Business srl, a network of over 100 event/wedding planning and travel/tourism agencies across the country. The peculiarity of a Love Story Store is in fact that of combining travel (such as honeymoons) and tourism to events and weddings in particular.
Green Empathy is the only one to have joined as a Love Story Store with an environmental and social sustainability approach and, thanks to the support of the professionals of the AllTrade Business network, we can take care of your Destination Wedding, and everything around it, at 360 degrees.